Brand new trailer for The A-Team


2nd April 2010

Verdict? Evil. Just kidding: it looks like great fun. If only it didn't sexualise children so much!

I was initially sceptical about Joe Carnahan's take on The A-Team, but then I realised I was worried about an A-Team movie and just decided the dumber the better. Thankfully, as you can see in this new full-length trailer, dumb spectacle is something Hannibal and the gang do well.

Sly's trailer for The Expendables might have upped it in the cliché count, but The A-Team trumps it with window surfing, catching a parachute with a helicopter and yet more of the epic saga of 'Tank versus Plane'.

For all the set-pieces included, the dialogue still seems pretty woeful (BA gets an "Aww hell no" and an "Aww hell yes" in the same trailer) but thankfully the tone seems to veer more towards comedy than straight-faced dramatics.

Besides, even if The A-Team pancakes like BA's van, despite what the movie's tagline says, there is a plan B - and it's called The Expendables. 2010 sure looks like a great year to be stupid.

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