Cabin In The Woods trailer: My pants just got Whedon


6th December 2011

To be honest, Matt is the site's resident Joss Whedon bonerist, but this first trailer for long-delayed horror Cabin In The Woods has prompted me to pitch a tent in my own wooded area.

Apart from the fact that it has been effectively shelved since 2009 and MGM's financial fartsplosion, I knew precious little about Cabin In The Woods. I knew that it was written by Matt's boyfriend, Joss Whedon, and that it was directed by Cloverfield screenwriter Drew Goddard, and that it had a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth playing one of a number of teens who holiday somewhere or other, I'm not sure where.

Here's a great example of how a trailer can completely change your perception of a movie. The graph below shows you just how much of a 180 I did - and if it doesn't make sense now, just wait until you watch it.

See? Consider my interest piqued and peaked. The hackneyed old 'sexy teens get menaced in a remote location' set-up is probably the most overused plot in horror, and Cabin In The Woods knows exactly that - which is why it's going to be nothing like it. Sure, there are sexy teens, and they're being menaced in a remote location... but... Joss Whedon! He knows what he's doing! That's what Matt tells me, anyway.

Everyone who's seen the movie and read the script has nothing but good things to say about it: I reckon it could do for creepy outhouses what Scream did for men in masks holding knives. Be about them.

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