Captain Team America has a trailer


24th March 2011

I think I speak for us all when I say (*nervously tugs at collar*).

I'm excited to see Captain America: The First Avenger in much the same way I'm excited to see Thor, in much the same way you shake a can of Coke before giving it to someone you hate - look at all that brilliant fucking mess everywhere. I'm not saying it's going to be a turkey, but I am saying that when Hugo Weaving looks like being the least cartoonish character and he's basically playing a red skull with no lips, maybe it's time to lower those expectations of yours.

This first full-length trailer gives us a jolt of exposition, delivered courtesy of a barking Tommy Lee Jones in 'paycheque mode', plus our first extended look at Chris Evans in costume and both pre-and-post super soldier serum. For scenes before Steve Rogers is 'roided into a fleshy hulk, Evans was digitally skinnified (stop me if I'm getting too technical) onto a lesser body.

Woah, doctor. They haven't finished those pre-serum effects, huh? I'm guessing 'Bobblehead' wasn't the look they were shooting for.

I don't know how he has the strength to keep that noggin upright.

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