Cars 2 teaser trailer revs engine


20th October 2010

It holds the dubious title of Worst Pixar Film Ever, but Cars is nonetheless getting a sequel, and you can see the first teaser trailer here.

I won't bore you with my Pixar movie league rankings (we've all got them), but needless to say, Cars is down there near the bottom, scrapping ungainly with A Bug's Life, living in perpetual fear of relegation to the DreamWorks Championship. An unkempt little oddity that rips off Doc Hollywood to underwhelming effect, it's probably the least deserving Pixar movie to get a sequel, but also the most obvious. It might as well be called Toy Cars for all the money Pixar make from merchandising.

We've known about Cars 2 for a while - in fact, I saw the 'new' concept art floating around the net today, which I am far too lazy to post here, about 18 months ago at a Pixar industry event - but the teaser trailer below is the first time we've seen footage. And damn, if these few seconds aren't the most thrilling, scintillating, exciting... no, I'm lying. Sorry.

The plot sounds a little bobbins, too. Cars 2 sees Lightning McQueen (voiced by perennial sad-sack Owen Wilson) and tow-truck Mater (voiced by something called Larry The Cable Guy) take on the role of international spies as they travel around Europe, awkwardly navigating our roundabouts and what have you. I'm not sure whether they'll make good spies or not, considering they can't even turn 180 degrees without doing a slow, laboured three-point turn. Also, I'm pretty sure spies fuck women. That ain't gonna happen with no visible genitalia.

In conclusion, I am vastly over analysing Cars 2 and am off to bed.

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