Cemetery Junction trailer


2nd February 2010

Behold, the first trailer for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's Cemetery Junction. Do the dance! Do the dance! Hint: he doesn't do the dance.

With The Invention Of Lying out in shops this week and Ricky Gervais having just hosted the Golden Globes, it's the perfect time to release the trailer for Cemetery Junction, Gervais and Merchant's first movie together.

It certainly looks like a change of pace from the norm, though in his one short trailer snippet, Gervais does manage to be outraged and Merchant does manage to be gangly and weird, so at least they're on form in those departments.

Also, you know it's set in the seventies because Mott The Hoople are playing, the wallpapers are fucking horrible and kids with haircuts are dancing in slow-motion. I remember the days, or at least I remember Vernon Kaye and Kate Thornton talking about the days on TV. Spangles, what were they all about, eh? We'll have to wait until April to find out.

PS. I interviewed Ricky Gervais this week. He was fun. See it here. Thanks for humouring me.

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