Crazy Heart trailer hits all the right notes


17th November 2009

The Dude is getting all up in everyone's Oscar predictions this week now that the trailer for his new flick Crazy Heart has hit the web. The film sees him play a down-on-his-luck country singer who tries to rediscover his former glory. Think The Wrestler with guitars and snakeskin boots.

Despite being nominated four times, Jeff Bridges hasn't managed to nab a golden baldie in his career and, frankly, it's been a long time since he has been anywhere near a sniff at one. Iron Man was obviously unsuccessful in its Oscar campaign for him last year.

But now the trailer for Crazy Heart is here and contains all the elements of an award-winning, critically acclaimed drama as well as some plaid shirts thrown in for fun.

Watch as a young woman tries to reconnect with the man behind the music! Weep as an emotionally withdrawn man explores emotions through his guitar-playing! Laugh as the wizened singer relates to a toddler! Etc, etc

And if you needed any more proof that this is an Academy Award calling card, the trailer points out that strong support comes in the form of the beautiful Maggie Gyllenhaal and the less-than-attractive Robert Duvall, who looks right at home in this heavyweight flick.

Curiously, there's no trailer shout out for Colin Farrell despite him clearly appearing in one scene. Still paying for Daredevil, aren't ya, big guy.

Anyway, watch below and let us know what you think. Personally, the trailer alone looks like guitar porn so I'm all for it. And, let's cut to the chase: just give Bridges the Oscar now. He was the DUDE, fer Chrissakes!

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