Depression corner: The Road trailer


31st October 2009

The Weinstein Company really have done a stellar job in making me forget this movie even exists, but here's the latest trailer for The Road, potentially the most upsetting way possible to spend a couple of hours.

The first trailer for The Road, written by Cormac McCarthy and adapted for the screen by John 'The Proposition' Hillcoat, was a marketing disaster - they tried to make it look like an action movie, even though there's precious little action to be found.

This second trailer, ahead of The Road's general release in November, is better, but still off the mark when it comes to finding the right tone. Unless lots of the book has been completely changed (Charlize Theron's character looks to have been bulked out), that uplifting music and feelgood climax is extremely out of place.

The book is the bleakest, most upsetting thing I've ever read. As I finished the last page, I realised I was cutting myself and writing 'dark' poetry without even realising it. If you haven't read it, tread carefully with this trailer, as there are a fair few spoilers if you look close enough. Guy Pearce's cameo would have probably been best left as a surprise, but hey, I'm only a simple shit-muncher, what do I know?

Frankly, this has Oscar-bait all over it. Mortensen looks certain to be nominated for Best Actor, and don't be surprised if youngster Kodi Smit-McPhee gets the nod for Best Supporting Actor too. If there was an Oscar for Most Depressing Movie, this would be joint favourite with Jack And Jill.

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