Ed Norton's Leaves Of Grass trailer


21st November 2009

Like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Eddie Murphy before him, Edward Norton is playing identical twins in his new pot comedy, Leaves Of Grass. WEED MAKES HULK RAGE MELLOW. ALL HULK WANT DO NOW IS PLAY CALL OF DUTY.

Almost slipping under the entire world's radar is forthcoming comedy, Leaves Of Grass, starring Edward Norton as a pair of identical twins - one an uptight Ivy League professor, the other a small-time pot dealer. This thing literally writes itself!

Directed by Tim Blake Nelson, who co-starred with Norton in The Incredible Hulk, Leaves Of Grass looks pretty average (count the clich├ęs) but does give the actor a chance to flex his comedic muscles. People forget that Fight Club is basically a super-awesome black comedy, and Norton is hilarious in it. The scene where he kicks his own ass ranks only second to Jim Carrey's self-inflicted beatdown in Liar Liar.

It must be hard for a guy like Ed Norton to act funny, what with his beady eyes and all. Seriously, they're miniscule, like he has tiny children-sized eyes in an adult-sized head. One day he'll realise and get them changed for full-sized ones, but it'll look weird, like he has over-large, giant eyes. Then maybe he'll be cast in lots of anime.

In conclusion: this story is going nowhere.

Update: I almost forgot, this post is the perfect time to announce my new favourite Twitter personality, @DrunkHulk. It's exactly what you think it is.

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