Emile Hirsch versus the invisible space electricity monsters


4th August 2011

Also known as The Darkest Hour, although I prefer my title.

Remember the other day when I showed you the In Time trailer and rolled out that hoariest of clichés - that Hollywood is completely out of ideas? That was before I saw the trailer for The Darkest Hour, which sees Earth invaded by aliens who- ah, hang on, hold your horses. These aliens are different. They're invisible and are made of sparks and eat electricity. So... there. At least we've got our best man on the job: go Speed Racer, go!

If you're waiting for the 'Friedberg/Seltzer' credit, it isn't coming. This movie is real. Too real, some might say.

It's directed by Chris Gorak, an art director on the likes of Fight Club (mmm hmm), The Man Who Wasn't There (okay) and Minority Report (I'm listening), and produced by Russian mentalist Timur Bekmambetov of Wanted fame, so maybe we're selling it short. It just seems so... huh? It reads like a plot outline M Night Shyamalan would text himself when drunk.

Screenwriters, here's a quick tip to figure out whether or not your screenplay is too abstract for a modern audience: if you can pitch it to your parents without them thinking you're back on drugs, it's a hit.

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