Grown Ups trailer: Adam Sandler has pissed in his own pool


17th April 2010

There's a new trailer for Generic Adam Sandler Comedy #37. Drop everything.

I'm not going to repeat my diatribe about how sad it is Adam Sandler refuses to spend his time and money making worthwhile movies; in fact, watching this new trailer for Grown Ups, a knockabout comedy involving - yep, you guessed it - Adam Sandler's friends, I barely even care any more. That's what happens when you put Paul Blart in your movie. Complete and total emotional detachment. I've been burned before.

Get it? It's funny because Rob Schneider is kissing an old woman and Kevin James fell down a hill and everyone took a piss in the swimming pool. Also, you know it's funny because everyone laughs at each other's jokes in the trailer. How handy! You're clearly all enjoying yourselves so much, there's really no need for me to watch your movie at all.

Of course, on the off-chance that Salma Hayek is reading this, your new movie looks great, senorita! Call me! Notreally. Itstilllooksterrible. Herenglishisntgreatsoifyoutalkfastshecantunderstandyou. Ijustwanttohavesexwithher. Amirightguys? (*winks*)

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