Gulliver's Travels' trailer is exactly as good as its poster


4th June 2010

Get it? It's funny because he's such a man-child! Again!

There can't be a soul on Earth who saw the Gulliver's Travels poster from earlier this week and thought, 'Damn, I can't wait to see this baby in action!' So, for no one in particular, here's the first trailer - and it's a doozy. Doozy is another word for turd, right?

I'm hoping that they're saving the funny stuff for the proper trailer, because frankly this didn't even raise a faint smile. Not even a corner of a smirk. The entire premise of the movie seems to be: "Jack Black is a big, fat, crazy loser, so to juxtapose him with tiny people is just inviting chaos! Lie back and await the fun! It's coming! Any minute now!"

It's custom for trailers to end on a bang, perhaps with the funniest gag from the movie, or at least one that sells it perfectly. The Gulliver's Travels trailer ends with Jack Black celebrating a table football goal. That's it. He doesn't even take his shirt off. If this is what makes the grade for the trailer, the full feature must contain snuff films and incest.

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