Hail the bomb-com: Four Lions trailer


17th March 2010

And the bomb-com was born. Check out the first full trailer from Chris Morris' Four Lions, a jihadi comedy about hapless suicide bombers that's guaranteed to have The Daily Mail doing cartwheels.

Apart from his bizarre appearances in The I.T. Crowd and his hand in writing well bum TV comedy Nathan Barley with Charlie Brooker, Chris Morris has been quiet of late. Now we now he's been working late in the lab, working on the perfect formula to piss off every right-wing rag in the country. Terrorism + comedy = Daily Mailtdown.

Four Lions premiered to rave reviews at Sundance, and we ran the hilarious first clip a while back, but this is the first trailer to have surfaced - and a cracker it is, too. The song choice is absolutely perfect.

If possible, the subject matter is even more taboo than the last hot potato Morris managed to mash ("This... is paedo-geddon!") but if you don't laugh at least three or four times while watching this, well... you're probably a terrorist.

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