Hall Pass red-band trailer: men be lovin' them some sex!


18th February 2011

You'd think Owen Wilson's character wouldn't need to bother finding someone willing to have sex with him with that giant hand of his.

If there's one thing more patronising than the 'attractive yet vulnerable career woman can't find a husband' sub-genre of romantic comedies, it's the 'horndog manchild can't keep his dick in his pants' movie: the kind of film which is offensive to both sexes. Even hermaphrodites and those asexual frogs that live in the jungle would consider it 'a bit much'.

We've got the late Farrelly brothers to thank for Hall Pass - they're not dead, but the last time I laughed at one of their comedies, I told everyone about it on my livejournal. I'm not suggesting they're a spent comedic force, but if you look closely, you'll see that's exactly what I'm doing.

Is the world ready for a joke about getting men getting stoned together? I'm sweating just thinking about it.

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