Horrible Bosses, horrible trailer


11th May 2011

LOL its funny because hes bald / shes sukin off a banana / hes kevin spacek. LEGEND!!

Horrible Bosses? Horrible premise, more like.

(*pause for devastating burn*)

So three chumps - played ably by Jason Bateman, Jason 'Hall Pass' Sudeikis and Charlie Day - decide they hate their bosses so much, they're going to kill them. Here's a non-wacky idea that doesn't involve the extremely complex act of pulling off a triple-homicide - get new fucking jobs, idiots.

This trailer might be the most shameless laugh-grabber I've seen since... well, since Hall Pass. Handsome Colin Farrell as a fat, obnoxious bald guy? Sort of like Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder? GENIUS! And Jennifer Aniston in a bikini deep-throating a banana? Why watch the trailer when you can just wank over the screencaps in Nuts magazine next week?

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