Hunger, Hunger, Hunger, Hunger... GAMES! (To the tune of Thundercats)


14th November 2011

Look, a trailer for The Hunger Games! It's Battle Royale meets High School Musical or something! (*actually watches trailer*)

I'm not about to shit on a book or film I haven't read/seen, but up in this old noggin of mine, The Hunger Games is already in direct competition with Battle Royale. The concepts are almost identical - youngsters selected to fight each other to the death for society's entertainment - but whereas Battle Royale is ultraviolent and all the better for it, I'm guessing The Hunger Games will have precious few machine gun massacres and/or exploding neck collars. Instead it has Lenny Kravitz.

Saying that, this first trailer - released on Apple, where you can see it in HD - isn't short on atmosphere, leaving us (i.e. me) with little clue as to what the 'games' actually consist of. I am intrigue. Nice bright colour palette, too; far too often, directors read 'post-apocalyptic future world' and chuck out all of their crayons except for black, brown and grey.

It's good enough to convince me I will probably read the book sooner or later, but as you can see, it's at the bottom of a pile of weighty tomes of far greater cinematic importance.

In order of volume of chest hair.

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