ID4 x D9 + Batteries Not Included = World Invasion: Battle LA


14th November 2010

Ropey-looking alien invasion Sci-Fi thriller 'Skyline' came out this week, and almost immediately wished it hadn't. Beaming down in March 2011 is World Invasion: Battle LA - a ropey-looking alien invasion Sci-Fi thriller.

Previously known as 'Battle: Los Angeles', then 'Battle: LA', it seems a more internacional'-friendly title has finally been decided upon with a little over four months left until release. Someone somewhere is getting nervous feet. If you're wondering how important the role of a consistent title plays in marketing a movie, just take a look at the success of District 9 which, hey what a coincidence, this looks very similar to. Except for the consistent bit.

You never know, everyone loves them some 'splosions. Always good to see Aaron Eckhart as the lead in a movie too. Looks like he'll be playing a Tom-Hanks-in-Saving-Private-Ryan-esque character, so get your tissues at the rea...oh, you already have. Why are you always crying?

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