I'm Still Here trailer - Joaquin Phoenix really is crazy


18th August 2010

Casey Affleck's documentary about Joaquin Phoenix's decision to quit acting and become a hip-hop rapper is on its way. So is he a) entirely deluded and on the brink of a nervous breakdown, or b) orchestrator of an elaborate hoax?

The more I hear about this, the more inclined I am to plump for secret option c): both, ie he has planned a mockumentary and kept a straight face throughout but is completely deluded in thinking he wouldn't be laughed out of Hollywood.

Because even if it is all fake, no one is going to look back on this time and think "Hey, you remember when Joaquin Phoenix pulled the wool over our eyes and pretended to become a rapper? God, that was clever. All that time he was acting like a mental dipshit, and really the joke was on us. What a world-class human being, etc, etc".

Saying that, I still want to see the end product. The trailer below doesn't give anything away, but I have a feeling I'm going to be laughing my ass of all the way through this film. Even it is supposed to be serious.

That doesn't mean it was the right choice for Phoenix though. I'm Still Here? Yeah, let's see how long that lasts, shall we?

Mockumentary? You must be Joaquin! Etc.

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