Insane red-band Legion trailer


13th August 2009

Pack some fresh pants, everyone - it's the end of the World again. Only this time, it looks like it could be pretty goddamn cool. Angels with machine guns? Oh my!

Legion sounds like a movie devised by a bored 15 year-old boy on his lunchbreak. An angel descends from Heaven, cuts off his wings and warns a disbelieving mankind that the apocalypse is coming. Only the angel is a dab hand with automatic weapons, and there's a bunch of zombie grandmas and psychotic alien ice cream men and Dennis Quaid.

In theory, it sounds awful. But watch this trailer below and tell me it doesn't look like it's going to blow you all to Jesus and back. Any movie that can feature the exchange, "I don't believe in God," "That's okay Bob, he doesn't believe in you either" with a straight face get an ironic thumbs up in my book.

If Legion is as awesome as it looks here, maybe I'll have to start reading The Bible: this shit looks interesting.

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