International Zombieland trailer


26th August 2009

Had your fill of zombies yet? Hope not, because the Zombieland trailer has just landed and it wants you to switch off your braaaaaains.

I'm not of the mind that zombie movies begin and end with the Romero films, just like I'm not of the mind that zombie comedies begin and end with Shaun Of The Dead. Zombieland looks kind of a gas; a bit like a live-action version of the Dead Rising Xbox game.

This new trailer looks as much fun as that game was, with all sorts of zombie-killing and smart alec-y remarks (here's hoping the "zombie kill of the week" is running gag). Shame the director missed the memo that vampires are the new zombies now, and that werewolves will soon be the new vampires. So put some of them in your movie, quick.

Zombieland will be released in the US on 9 October and in the UK on 27 November. It stars Woody from Cheers and Jesse Eisenberg, the man who was Michael Cera before Michael Cera was Michael Cera. (Watch closely and you can even see him send his hog intro a controlled slide).

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