Iron Man 2 movie trailer


19th December 2009

Posters schmosters: hit that full-screen button, turn the speakers up and rock the fuck out to the first trailer for Iron Man 2. SABBATH RULE! (*downs cider and black, moshes*)

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. The first Iron Man was almost the perfect superhero movie: fun, charismatic, perfectly cast and more than a little badass. The sequel, due out next summer, looks like amplifying the fun, ramping up the charisma and overdosing on badass. (*chugs Red Bull*)

Story-wise, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) has to face the consequences of revealing his superhero alter-ego, but where Batman and the likes would lock themselves in their crime labs Googling themselves, Iron Man takes it on the chin like a superstar. I'm totally digging the idea of a celebrity superhero. Simon Cowell is rich and powerful, but if he could fly I'd respect him a lot more.

Honestly, as much as I value the credentials of director Jon Favreau and like the look of Mickey Rourke's villain Whiplash and fancy the pants off Scarlett Johansson, this one is all about the Downey. Tony, you had me at "Yes, dear?"

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