Iron Man 2 trailer: fuck yeah


8th March 2010

No words... should have shown a poet...

After the bland buffet of average that was the Oscars, it's eyes back on the bargain bucket blockbuster summer ahead. Front and centre? Iron Man 2, with a ball-burstingly fantastic new trailer, which you can see below.

What else could you desire from an Iron Man trailer? Action scenes, pithy dialogue, an OTT villain in Mickey Rourke, plus Scarlett Johansson's sweet, sweet ass. Also, the Iron Man suitcase suit - because apparently he's a Transformer now. Some will think this is lame. They are not welcome in this dojo.

The gauntlet has been thrown down: Iron Man 2 is staking a claim at being the most awesome movie of the summer. Whaddya got, everyone else?

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