Jack Black has a small part for Jason Segel in new Gulliver trailer


3rd November 2010

Like a dolphin in the Thames, gasps of joy soon turn into muted worried looks, as we watch the latest trailer for Gulliver's Travels.

Jack Black is one of those so-called "comic" actors who you either love or hate. Ali said it best about him in his review of Nacho Libre: if you like the poster, then you'll probably enjoy the film. Personally I can stomach his bellowy antics in short doses, but a whole two hours of what is essentially a small fat man SHOUTING every other WORD is going to get very tiresome, very QUICKLY *raise eyebrows*

So praise Allah this new trailer shows us Black's more sensitive and versatile side, as he deals with the trials and tribulations of being a fish out of water in a strange and unknown land.

Haha got you - it's just as shit as the first trailer! Fuck, even Jack Black looks embarrassed for himself. And the cameos - human shrugs, each and every one. Goodnight!

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