Jesus tricked Malcolm McDowell into making a bad film


16th August 2011

Religious courtroom drama sounds like a satire, probably isn't; looks like a pile of crap, probably is.

Suing the Devil proposes the following hypothetical question: if Satan were to receive a court summons and actually turn up in person, would he crumble and accept responsibility for Humanity straying from God's path, or was it our fault all along? If that sounds like a concept that could get a bit preachy then it's probably because writer/director Tim Chey specialises in high concept ideological debate flicks - although from the look of his CV it all appears to be thinly-veiled Christian propaganda as written by someone who skim reads The Daily Mail.

But wait, this isn't, what's going on in that rocking header image up there? In the one and only example of flair on display, Chey has somehow roped in the services of Malcolm McDowell as Beelzebub himself. And when I say 'somehow' what I really mean is '$$$'. McDowell has been making stinkers for years of course, but Suing The Devil looks so woefully inept, it makes Cyborg 3: The Recycler seem like a solid career choice. Behold:

Ironically I used the Lord's name many times in vain throughout viewing this

Awkward jokes? Yip. Terrible acting? To a man. Heavy-handed examples of un-Christian behaviour? In spades. Thin Hugh Jackman? Most definitely. To be fair it's a decent enough concept - reminiscent of Billy Connolly-starring The Man Who Sued God - and anything that gets your brain in gear can only be a good thing. But oh my word does this look like a terrible movie. Here's another clip to tide you other until the 26th August release - I can't wait!

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