Joe Dante reveals his Hole


1st May 2010

He's been quiet for the last, er, dozen years or so, but director Joe Dante is back with a new 3D movie called The Hole. Er... hooray?

For a child of the eighties, the name Joe Dante conjures up memories of fun adventures, spooky scares and possessed puppets. Sadly, when the nineties came calling with its computer-generated this and its motion-captured that, Dante felt like a man out of step with an industry that no longer needed him.

So without further ado, here's the trailer for Joe Dante's The Hole!

Ah. Though I'll always love Dante for Gremlins, Gremlins 2 (one of the best sequels ever: fact), Innerspace and The 'Burbs, this looks like a movie that's a good decade past its sell-by-date already. A creepy trap door? A twisted netherworld? A mad scientist? That... thing, up there? (*fart noise*)

This looks less like a next-generation 3D extravaganza and more like a direct-to-DVD sequel to Clownhouse that you find on sale for £1 in Tesco.

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