Jude Law will harvest your organs


29th December 2009

Watch the first trailer for Jude Law's Repo Men, which sounds an awful lot like a recent Paris Hilton movie, but played almost totally seriously. Interested?

Repo Men has nothing to do with Alex Cox's Repo Man, but it does star a couple of cocks in the form of Jude Law and Forest Whitaker. They play repo men in a futuristic world gone mad, where man has invented artificial organs but forces the poor to pay for the privilege. When they can't hand over the sponds, they send round our fellas to yank out the guts.

Wait, what? Seriously, this is the best futuristic scenario available? Out of all the infinite sci-fi set-ups the writers could have chosen, they went with organ repossession? Hey Jude, I've got an organ you can harvest. (*grabs crotch*).

That didn't sound gay, did it?

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