Kick-Ass red-band trailer #2


21st February 2010

This makes it about nine trailers and counting for Matthew Vaughn's superhero odyssey, but we're not complaining: not when they feature scenes of Nicolas Cage wearing make-up.

Right now, I'll take any excuse to post more stuff on Kick-Ass, because I'm convinced it's going to end up topping my end of year list already. Everything I've seen from the trailers, the artwork, and the casting all points to gold; everyone who's seen it confirms that it's a blast.

I'm off to see it on Tuesday so will report back then (if I'm not muzzled) but in the meantime, do enjoy this second red-band trailer, which contains an assortment of new scenes and lines of dialogue. My favourite? "You are fuckin' awesome!" Yes you are. Yes you are.

Apologies for the one-two of lameness that is an embedded MySpace player with an age-gate. I told it my birthday was on January 1st, when actually it's December 12th. Shhh, don't tell!

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