Kubrick's ghost urges you to see The Killer Inside Me


25th May 2010

Even dead genius filmmakers are swayed by the sight of Jessica Alba in a bra. And now you will be too, thanks to a new trailer and poster.

Michael Winterbottom look set to divide audiences again with this Texan noir: women everywhere will steer clear from the apparent misogyny and abuse so liberally dished out here, while men will pack out the cinemas with the hope of seeing some Jessica Alba side-boob. Chances are, there will be a hefty amount of both.

Here's the slightly friendlier PR synopsis:

"The Killer Inside Me tells the story of handsome, unassuming small town sheriff's deputy Lou Ford (Casey Affleck). A quiet charmer of his idyllic West Texas town, Ford has a simple life and a pretty girl (Kate Hudson) to come home to.

But when the job brings him face to face with a gorgeous prostitute (Jessica Alba) on the edge of town, Ford's fragile world cracks - unbridling his own dark urges."
Well, that stops just short of where it gets interesting if you ask me, but the trailer below gives a good impression of what comes afterwards. Plus how often do you see a quote from Kubrick trying to convince you to see a film? Spooky.

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