Let the trailer for I Saw The Devil punch you in the face


16th February 2011

It's, like, this cool new movie? From, like, Korea? Don't worry, you probably haven't heard of it.

Today the nicest thing happened to me: a movie I didn't know I liked yet came out of the blue and planted its boot right in my knackers. I Saw The Devil is the latest revenge thriller from director Kim Ji-woon (The Good, The Bad And The Weird) and it stars Choi Min-sik from Oldboy and Lee Byung-hyun from A Bittersweet Life, which is great, because obviously they're just about the only two Korean films I've ever seen.

So yeah, this looks ace. Get a load of those Koreans! Don't worry: it's from South Korea, which is the one with all the table tennis, not North Korea, which is the one led by the despotic dwarf in the mech suit or something.

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