Look at this trailer for The Silent House. LOOK AT IT


29th March 2011

See two minutes of the 78-minute Uruguayan horror film that's shot in one continuous take. With no toilet breaks. I hope.

Every horror film has to have a gimmick these days, and The Silent House - comin' straight outta Uruguay yo - has a corker: the whole movie was shot in one continuous take, and using a crummy old handheld Canon camera to boot. It's The House Of The Devil meets Paranormal Activity 2 or something!

The Silent House isn't particularly well represented in this trailer (obviously, as you can't cut a trailer for what's basically one giant scene) and appears to have all your customary scares - bumps in the night, creepy music, pale girls standing in doorways. However, if shooting in one take means it removes a few of the standard crutches that most horror films lean on, then I'm all for it.

Due to my trademark lack of research, I'm not entirely sure whether it was actually shot in one take or just stitched together digitally. Do I look like I'm from Uruguay?

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