Machete trailer es muy bueno!


5th May 2010

Robert Rodriguez presents... the real trailer for the full-length movie of the fake trailer for Machete. Happy Cinco De Mayo! (I think that's like the Mexican "May the 4th be with you").

When the fake trailer for Machete came attached to Grindhouse in the US, most people thought it looks far more fun than either of Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino's actual movies. Even when Rodrigeuz announced he was making it into a full-length feature, we still kind of thought he was joking.

And despite the increasingly ridiculous casting announcements, the sexy set pictures and Danny Trejo's terrifying Jesus tattoos, nothing quite prepared us for the arrival of the first real Machete trailer, which you can see in full below. Damn right it's real. Too real, some might say.

Let's just go over that cast list one more time. You've got token Mexican Trejo, Jeff Fahey and Don Johnson bringing the old school. Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and Michelle Rodriguez bringing the skirt. Cheech Marin bringing the laughs. Robert De Niro bringing the gravitas. And Steven Seagal? Well, he turned up on the day and they cast him just to be nice.

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