Milla Jovovich has face blindness


15th August 2011

Milla Jovovich must be cheating on Paul WS Anderson, because she's made a film without him: Faces In The Crowd is a serial killer mystery with added MEDICAL SCIENCE.

I wonder how many different variations there have been on the 'person suffering from [blank] witnesses a murder' thriller sub-genre? Blink, starring Madeleine Stowe, saw a blind woman get tangled up in a killing, and if there isn't a film about a deaf murder witness called Huh? then I'm going to have to go and write it this instant.

Faces In The Crowd takes the nicely cinematic disorder of Prosopagnosia (catchy title) and weaves it into a serial murderer plotline. After suffering an accident at the hands of a killer, Milla Jovovich's character is unable to recognise faces, including the man who almost did her in (*serious violins*). Don't worry about it, though - he's there in the trailer. OR IS HE? That's for you to know, and Milla to find out.

It's hard to tell from this teaser (looks like it spills about 95% of its beans) but there's fun to be had with the 'generic face' device - it could be kind of creepy, like the scramble suit from A Scanner Darkly, or could be kind of stupid, like Silent Hill. As long as this keeps Milla Jovovich from making another Resident Evil movie, it might as well have been written by William Shakespeare as far as I'm concerned.

Skip to 1:31 for the greatest line reading of ALL TIME

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