Movie trailer: The Green Hornet


22nd June 2010

Ever wondered what a Seth Rogen action movie directed by Michel Gondry might look like? No, no one has. But you're about to get your first look anyway.

Here's the theatrical trailer for The Green Hornet, a movie that's been flying pretty low on the radar until now. Despite its January release date - a slot usually reserved for cinematic abominations and Oscar wash-outs - there's a big nerd following for this property, largely due to star Seth Rogen (if ever an actor was 'one of us', it's him) and Gallic genius director, Michel Gondry.

It might look a touch more mainstream than Gondry's usual output, but it's still a highly intriguing prospect, not only because of Seth Rogen's first foray into the world of action, but because the rest of the cast is kind of awesome too - check out Christoph 'Der Humpink' Waltz in his first role since Inglourious Basterds, a role that was originally meant for Nic Cage.

At the very least, The Green Hornet is bound to be visually out of this world (Gondry with gadgets? Yes please), but at best, this could be a real sleeper hit. Let's hope there are some dream sequences in it, eh?

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