New 2012 clip will rock your world


4th October 2009

Five minutes of 2012, you say? Right this way for front row seats to the end of the world. Warning: highly ludicrous.

As much disdain as I have for Roland Emmerich - the man behind the US Godzilla remake and 10,000 B.C. amongst other cinematic tragedies - I just can't bring myself to hate his disaster movies.

Sure, they're retarded on a global scale (scoring a 9/10 on the Bay-o-meter) but I figure if you're going to spend your budget on special effects, you might as well max out the credit cards and go for it.

2012 looks like exactly that: a 90 minute gawp-fest with zero story arc and no proper characters but an abundance of destruction. As John Cusack's limo driver so succintly puts it in this extended five-minute sequence, "California's going down!" You really can't find fault in dialogue like that.

2012 is released in the UK and US on 13 November 2009. Enjoy the chaos below.

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