New Battleship trailer makes slow news day go with a bang


13th March 2012

Frankly, I'm only posting this because a) it has explosions and Liam Neeson in it, my two favourite things, b) it's a trailer and not a teaser for a trailer, naming no names RIDLEY SCOTT'S PROMETHEUS, and c) it's not camcorder footage of a Twilight sequel playing on TV in a shop. News!

Good God. Today is one of those days where nothing happened. LITERALLY. I turned on the 9 O'Clock News and Huw Edwards was just doing that thing where you flick your cheek to make it sound like a drop of water. The most exciting thing that happened in the world of movies was that someone filmed a scene from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 off a TV in a shop - even though that footage was online about three weeks ago.

So here's the new trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship, because it's all the internet deserves today.

I know it's de rigeur to say how similar it looks to Transformers, but DAMN IN CAPITAL LETTERS, going by these trailers it's an easy comparison to make. From the crumbling skyscrapers to the ground-based shots of flying debris heading towards, um, skyscrapers, Battleship is very clearly shaping up to be Transformers: Underwaterbots. It even has that 'BWOOooommm' decompressed sound effect and the same dramatic music that ends every shot with DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-DRUUUMM.

Still, you have to applaud the thinking that says the way to make a movie based on a board game exciting is to just add aliens. Just thinking of all the disappointed children staring at their non-alien-based Battleship boards at Christmas is making me feel better already.

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