New, longer Wall Street 2 trailer


18th February 2010

The international trailer for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has hit the pipes, showing off fresh new footage and pretty much explaining the entire plot of the movie. Thanks, trailer people!

Until YouTube get their finger out their arse and get a copy of the new Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps trailer up, you're just going to have to hold your nose and venture on over to The Sun's website to watch it. But come straight back otherwise you'll just stare at tits for hours.

Having seen a lot more than was revealed in the teaser, I've got to say: this looks dumb. Once you get over the fact that Michael Douglas is still the hippest 108 year-old man on the block, there's still the dawning realisation that Shia LaBeouf is in it, and that Oliver Stone hasn't made a great movie for over ten years. There, I said it. W. be damned.

Case in point. Somewhere throughout the course of the movie, Stone deemed it necessary for LaBeouf and fellow banker Josh Brolin to have a real-life lightcycle race. Also, the computer monitors on Wall Street apparently project powerful beams of light directly onto your face.

Something tells me that this won't be the damning indictment of the US economy we're hoping for. Michael Moore can rest easy; at least, he could if he didn't keep rolling out of bed. Cheap shot!

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