New Nightmare on Elm Street trailer


25th February 2010

One, two...Freddy's coming (again) for you...three, four...haven't we seen this all before?

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street remake and, after the teaser trailer before it, I was hoping for some interesting new scenes.

The hand in the bathtub, the body floating to the ceiling, some douche saying "Don't fall asleep!"...I mean, I appreciate a good homage as much as the next horror geek (as long as it's not Rob Zombie) but these are dreams people - you can literally do what you like! But then I suppose dreams don't change too much over the years *pens song*.

I'm still secretly a little excited about this release though, if only to see Jackie Earle Haley's take on the iconic character. Not much of him is seen in this trailer but the sound of his Rorschach-y voice already beats Robert Englund's panto cackle.

What can be seen of his make-up doesn't excite though - while I understand the attempt at 'realism' (in a film about a supernatural dream killer), old Freddy looked way scarier. New Freddy looks like he just needs a lick of Savlon and a plaster and he'll be right as rain.

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