New Predators trailer


19th March 2010

At last, the first trailer for this Adrien Vs Predator nonsense has arrived and, against all odds, it actually looks pretty cool.

After the initial outrage at casting an utter Pianist in the lead role, followed by some dodgy on-set photos, a so-so sneak peek and a fliddy poster, it's fair to say that I was pretty unconvinced this needless sequel would deliver.

But in Rod' we trust, and this trailer has done a great job of dispelling the worst of my fears, mainly because it has been edited in such a way that it actually feels like a action/horror flick from the 80s. Maybe they won't be Pretardors after all.

All the right elements are there: Fishbourne's muscley growl, a hard-edged female who probably "doesn't take any shit from her male companions" and plenty of men-in-reds to be picked off one by one.

Still not entirely sure about Brody handling that gun though. He just has a certain 'Milhouse' quality to him.

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