New Scott Pilgrim trailer is KO


31st May 2010

"It's on like Donkey Kong," apparently.

Fancy update: YouTube, me and you are officially 'on' again.

Congratulations all you Facebookers: your incessant 'liking' and pestering of 999,999 other users has just seen the full-length trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World debut on the movie's Facebook page. It's okay, you can click off and go watch it. I'll wait. If you want to stay, I'll be making a wry observation on modern life. (*interlude music*)

What's the deal with cushions? They look comfy, but if you try and sit on them, women are all like, "You're not supposed to sit on them!" So why even have them in the first place? Am I right, fellas?

Oh, you're back. Pretty neato stuff, huh? I'm really digging Edgar Wright's style, and Scott Pilgrim looks like being the most visually arresting movie of the year without a doubt: it's probably the best representation yet of a comic-book brought to life on screen. Plus, of course, it's tailor-made for spods like me, who were raised on videogames and the internet. You can tell because they mention email in the trailer. This isn't for you, Dad!

The only thing I worry about is Michael Cera playing the lovable nerd again. Yeah, again. Maybe one day he heard someone say he was 'typecast' and he thought it was a compliment. Not sure about Mary-Elizabeth Winstead's Ramona Flowers, either; the latest in a long-line of kooky-haired emo pixie chicks who never smile.

No grumbles about the rest of the cast, mind: a little Jason Schwartzman goes a long way. Giving him an electric sword only makes him more awesome, like strapping rocket boosters on Batman or extra tits on Halle Berry.

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