New Scott Pilgrim trailer keeps the awesome coming


18th June 2010

New scenes, new lines, new characters...same sweet, sweet feeling of 'Fucking-A'.

Edgar Wright's slacker comic-book adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs The World keeps popping up on our radar and it's not for a lack of other films to report on. It's just that none of them look quite like this.

And now we have the new international trailer showing us a bit more of the back story, a little more action and plenty of piss-yourself-silly moments. Amazingly, this film looks so good, even supersensitive Superman Brandon Routh seems funny in it. And not just in a bleach blonde hair way.

I just know that I'm going to walk out of the cinema after seeing this film wanting gaming-type levels and indicators around me: eat a Mars bar to restore my health, pick up coins to the sound of a cash register, leap over obstacles in my path...and then fight to the death with the evil Orc Prince Zanku using my telekinetic lightning powers and a carefully-timed attacking routine.

Yeah, that'd be cool.

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