New Sex And The City 2 trailer


10th April 2010

Ohmigod girls, did you see the new Sex And The City trailer? I know! [giggles] I can really relate to it! I am so like Samantha! Every time life gets me down I jet off to Abu Dhabi for a week all expenses paid.

This new trailer for Sex And The City 2 - from what I can make out, it's a movie about three hookers and their mother - gives away a few more plot details, but still gives me no inclination on why the male half of the human race would want to go and see it. Hmm, maybe the clue's in the title (and it's not the words 'And', 'The' or 'City').

The only question that remains is this: if Sarah Jessica Parker's face looks like a foot, does that mean her foot looks like a face? Hmmm.

I stole two Family Guy jokes for this article. Damn you, Sex And The City!

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