New trailer for Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon


27th February 2010

Destined be known as another movie that's "not in the same league as Pixar" (flashing forward to my own future review there), Dreamworks have nonetheless released another trailer for How To Train Your Dragon.

There's an intangible difference between the output of Pixar and Dreamworks. You couldn't say one company had better effects than the other, nor could you say that Dreamworks' taste for an A-list voice cast puts them at any significant advantage or disadvantage. It's just that Pixar have the better ideas.

Enter Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon. Sure, it's a nice-looking animation, but right from the very start, nothing about it grabs you as being particularly original or particularly interesting. Boy trains dragon. Pair become friends. External force separates them. Huge action scene. Heroic finale. Greenlight sequel. Count money.

I'll go and see this, and I'll probably like it, but apart from perhaps the Shrek movies - which have aged very, very badly - I can't imagine anyone getting excited about showing Dreamworks movies to their kids when they're older. Pixar has that slot locked down for life.

It must suck knowing that no matter how much money or creativity you throw at a movie like this, it'll always come off second best to whatever Pixar movie is released this year. The fact that the biggest compliment How To Train Your Dragon is getting is "it's easily as good as Kung Fu Panda" doesn't cut it for me, because I am not 11 or in need of a cool new pyjama case.

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