Nightmare on Elm Street teaser trailer


28th September 2009

Harrumph! So here's the first teaser trailer for the remade Nightmare on Elm Street. *sigh* Another horror classic gets reimagined in yet another blasphemous attempt to cash in on...holy shit! This one actually looks good!

While Wes Craven is busy writing unnecessary in-jokes about diminishing returns for his planned Scream sequel trilogy, someone has gone and remade his Freddy Krueger classic...and it's looking pretty swish.

Admittedly, it's never going to better the original but in a time where every Johnny Zombie is picking up a camera and reinterpreting sacred horror icons as flavour-of-the-week tweeny slashers, this looks like it could be cream of the current crop.

Starting with a quick run-through of how a pre-dreamscape Freddy got his burns, this trailer quickly delves into familiar set-pieces (hand in the bath, scraping knives across pipes, a girl heading ceiling-ward) and enough glimpses at cool new scenes to still be exciting.

My only real gripe is Freddy's reveal at the end - Jackie Earle Haley's Krueger looks like Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow mask in Batman Begins.

Personally, I think Robert Englund's sinewy flesh makeup is far more horrific in terms of making a 7-year-old boy wet the bed after watching it because he was too scared to get up and go to the toilet in the middle of the night by himself.

Um...that didn't happen.

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