Oh hey, look, more Avatar


6th October 2010

Here's a new trailer for the Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition Blu-ray, with an extra 1,480 hours of deleted scenes reinstated, plus three extra seconds of plot. Three!

Avatar isn't even a year old, yet we've already had two alternate versions hit cinemas, with a third, even-longer cut coming to Blu-ray for - hey, would you look at that - Christmas. The Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition will be released on November 16th and will feature everything you saw in the recent Special Edition and more.

All in all, there will be 16 extra minutes you didn't see in the original cut, plus a buttload of new special features, documentaries and 45 minutes of deleted scenes. Most interestingly, this SSSE (that's Super Special Special Edition) features an alternate opening set on Earth, so you can see just why everyone is so keen to leave. The few shots in the trailer below look a little Spielbergian in nature: definite got an AI feel from it.

I'm against this sort of double-dip in principle, but damn, I like me some three-disc Blu-ray box set. I can put this next to my Special Edition Inception briefcase, Scott Pilgrim: Guitar Edition and customised Last Airbender toilet pan on my Christmas list.

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