Oh Spider-Man, you so amazing


21st July 2011

After two successive bootlegs leaked online, the official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has landed. Consensus? Oooooh.

Just because I think a Spider-Man reboot is pointless and short-sighted and unnecessary, doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be excited about it. For starters, it stars Andrew Garfield - one of the only young actors in Hollywood I don't wish to throttle with his own scarf - Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans and Sly Sludge. Also, it's directed by Marc Webb, whose (500) Days Of Summer is one of my favourite films of recent years.

So here's the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. Thwip!

Wait, he's growing spider-pubes from his neck now? Fair enough. That raises some interesting questions about the Spider-Man movie we could have seen. I'm pretty sure getting bitten by a radioactive spider isn't all sticky fingers, glistening biceps and improved sewing abilities. Who knows what Spider-Man's special powers could have turned out to be?

Improved vision

Improved mobility

Capability to kill prey with pedipalps and chelicerae

It could have all been so different.

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