Ong Bak 2 clip is ouchy


7th October 2009

Sure, when Tony Jaa does it it's cool, but when I knee someone in the head it's "not welcome in the game of netball". Typical!

This new clip of Thai martial arts star Tony Jaa taking names in Ong Bak: The Beginning has more punches per second than a Mike Tyson love-making session. There's so much snapping of limbs and cracking of skulls, it sounds like someone was eating Rice Krispies under the boom mic.

Jaa famously went mental part way through shooting the sequel and went all Colonel Kurtz in the jungle for three months. He returned and later apologised - in fact, Ong Bak 3 is already planned - but the movie apparently suffers from an abrupt ending caused by his absence.

What a dick. I'll fight you, Tony Jaa. If you are too scared to engage me in battle, make absolutely no response to this challenge. Yeah, I thought so. Go polish your gay elephant's tusks, trunk-fucker.

Just kidding, Tony! Call me!

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