Only a day after everyone else; here's the Tintin trailer


18th May 2011

Yes, everyone else had the trailer for The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn yesterday when it was still fresh - but we followed our gut instincts and went with a piece about Paul Blart instead. Turns out we are just a pretty face.

There's barely any point entering into the sort of ill-informed gutter sniping we're known for, because I bloody love Tintin stuff and won't hear a bad word said. Not that there's anything to say anyway - Spielberg and Jackson have carefully orchestrated this first glimpse of Tintin's world in motion so as to not give all that much away apart from characters and locations, which everyone knows already. It does look very nice, though:

For Tintin-o-philes you've got his house on Labrador Road, a visual gag based on Thomson and Thompson's moustaches, Captain Haddock on board his ship, the Karaboudjan, and Tintin punching a man. What might surprise those not au-fait with Tintin is how frequently he gets into scraps, or wields a gun. He's hardly Rambo, but a saint he ain't. Hopefully Jackson and Spielberg have retained the bite that gave Tintin's adventures an air of danger, and not wussed out on us.

Guess we'll find out in October, or December if you're in America - a delay presumably in place so they can patch any multiplayer exploits.

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