oooOOOooo Paranormal Activity 3 trailer - now with added kids!


22nd July 2011

Get ready to jump, jump, the Mac Dad will make you jump, jump, Daddy Mac will make you jump, jump, Kris Kross will make you jump, jump…after the jump.

It’s the threequel for the film that no one thought could spawn a trilogy, but, as the clever prequel/sequel to Paranormal Activity showed, we’re all still quite interested in watching grainy footage really closely trying to spot when something spooky is going to happen. Not yet….not yet….nothing so far…getting kinda bor-BAM! A dog barked. Scary.

And, unsurprisingly, we have more of the same in this first trailer for Paranormal Activity 3, which is a prequel to the prequel to the first film. That’s right, we’re going back in time. Paranormal Activity 4 will just show some oil canvas portraits for ages until BAM! A dog barks.

OooOOOooo, right guys? I’m hoping we get some answers in this film though – just who is the malevolent spirit targeting the Rey family and unleashing horrible acts of violence upon them? Here are the latest odds:

Casper – 50/1

Pro: No one really knows the tragic circumstances which led to Casper’s death.
Con: He’s a friendly cartoon.
Ghost Face – 100/1

Pro: He’s a psycho serial killer.
Con: Not actually a real ghost.
Patrick Swayze – 100/1

Pro: Has harnessed how to influence objects in the real world.
Con: Mostly uses his powers to pick up chicks during pottery.
Bruce Willis – 200/1

Pro: No one knows he’s a ghost.
Con: Not even he knows he’s a ghost.
Ghost Dad – 1000/1

Pro: Died in unlikely circumstances, still with ‘unfinished business’.
Con: Bill Cosby is more likely to just impart fatherly advice, albeit from beyond the grave.
And, of course, Slimer is still the odds-on favourite.

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