Owwwwww! Black Dynamite trailer


10th September 2009

Listen up, honky! Dis here trailer for Black Dynamite is the trippingest, most busting couple of motherfucking minutes you spend tonight, yo! It's totally tropical! No, wait, that's the accent from the Lilt advert. Shit.

Grindhouse may have bombed and Robert Rodriguez might be taking the B-movie genre a wee bit too seriously with Machete, but the '70s-era exploitation flick is in rude health at the moment. Motherfucker. See?

Black Dynamite, a blaxploitation spoof starring Michael Jai White (Spawn) and Arsenio Hall (woo woo woo), has been picking up great advance buzz in the States, some claiming it's the best spoof since Airplane! Which is funny, because I always thought the two jive-talking black guys in Airplane! were the funniest bits. Lay 'er down and smack 'em yak 'em indeed, fellas!

(*high fives cardboard cut-out of Martin Lawrence*)

Black Dynamite is released on October 16 in America, but as yet has no UK release. What up wit dat, yo?

(*gets shot by Yardies*)

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