Paranormal Activity 2 trailer: ghosts vs douchebags


1st October 2010

The only reason I'm not ridiculously scared right now is because my cat is sitting in the room with me, and she's all cuddled up in a flower basket. Awww.

I'll level with you, folks. I'd like to be one of those guys who doesn't flinch an inch when it comes to horror movies; the cool guy in the cinema offering girls a shoulder to clinch when the big scary monsters come out from under the bed. But I'm totally not. I'm the guy with the tear-stained face, shrieking and sitting weird because he's shat himself ever so slightly.

Hence, Paranormal Activity scared the ever-living crap out of me. The premise is simple: the camera captures everything, leaving you to scour the frame, waiting for the inevitable creep show and brown pants situation. Brr, horrible.

Paranormal Activity 2, on the other hand, thinks a little too much of itself. 'You demanded it!', it bellows, presumptuously. It's trading quite a lot on the success of the first movie, even going so far as having characters narrate to camera what's happening on the video, just in case you couldn't figure it out for itself. Why do the protagonists in ghost stories always have to be douchebags? In most cases, they deserve to be haunted.

Hang on... my cat's asleep. I'm alone. Oh God.

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