Paranormal Activity 2 trailer promises more dogs, more babies


30th June 2010

"Two of my favourite things," says the missus.

Below is the first trailer for Paranormal Activity 2, which I barely knew existed, but upon further reflection, of course they were going to make a sequel to a movie that grossed almost $200 million and cost about ten dollars to make. My first lesson of business school ends here.

This is more tease than trail; there's very little to show aside from the last scene of the first movie (spoiler alert!) plus a barking dog and a little baby. The more little legs, the more dread. Oh yeah, and there's a woman standing in a doorway punctuated by a dramatic BONG so you know it's meant to be scary.

If not you might think she was getting a glass of water or something. Dry mouth: terror of the night.

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